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Feb 15

They’re multiplying

They’re multiplying

Jan 29

When it snows in Atlanta…

I know the ATL is probably the laughing stock of the US right now, considering our “snow woes”, in comparison to the Northeast.  But having lived in Boston and NYC before moving down south, let’s think about why Atlantans act like it’s the end of the world when it snows.

- The city of Atlanta shuts down when it snows.  And by shut down I mean, nothing, NOTHING is open.  No gas, no groceries.  So yes, people will empty grocery shelves and stock up on gas.

- ATL doesn’t know that when there’s a Winter Warning, it might be a good idea to start snow preparations BEFORE any snow hits the ground, and not after.  All I’m asking for is some snow and sand on the streets before snow hits so it DOESN’T turn to snow.

- Just cause some people in Atlanta drive big trucks, SUVs, and things does not mean they know how to drive in snow.  Let alone try driving in ice.

- Where are the snow plows?  Oh yeah, I heard we only have 6 and they are all at the airport.  Let’s make sure that air travelers can get out of the city.  We can worry about the streets later.  #sarcasm

So yes, it’s a shame that Atlanta is making the news for only 2 inches of snow.  But, come on over and see it for yourself.  You’ll suddenly realize, as silly as it can sound, it is quite real out here with passengers still stranded on highways, trapped in their cars, and nothing they can do because…well, it’s no longer 2 inches of snow.  It’s 2 inches of ice.


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Jan 19

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